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Welcome to

Deutscher Kindergarten Bellville

Play. Learn. Grow. 

About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands


Our Approach

We get to know each and every child and encourage them to grow in a way that they are comfortable with. Throughout each term we have many different weekly themes that inspire the children to use their imagination and promote logical thinking. 

We would be excited to welcome you to our family!

What Parents Think

“Both my children have attended the Kindergarten, they loved every minute of it! The teachers are so devoted to the kids and there is a great blend of play and structure to the day, great preparation for school. A happy place to grow, learn and just be a kid!”

Sophia's mom


Diverse Learning Environments


Bee Group

This class is for children aged 18 months to 3 years. This group is led by Anaïs and Daphne is the assistant. 

Bear Group

The Bear group is for our 3-4 year olds who share a classroom with the Elephant group, allowing the kids to learn from each other and grow!

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Elephant Group

The Elephant group is for our kids aged 4-5 and gives them all the confidence they need for grade R!

Lion Group

This is our pre-school class for children aged 5 going on 6 years. We prepare the children going to grade one, if this is for a German, English or Afrikaans speaking school. 


Fun & Creativity


Art is a great way to express themselves and we encourage it in many different ways like potato stamps, free drawing or cutting paper and creating crafts. This also includes practicing fine motor skills like threading, kneading play dough and picking up small objects with tweezers.

Music and Language

All our kids love music and join in when it is time to sing. We also play music when they do arts and crafts to create a fun or relaxing atmosphere.

Music, rhythm and rhymes play an essential part in language development. We encourage this by singing, learning poems either individually or in a group depending on the child's comfort zone.


We generally encourage movement and do things like dance mornings, where the kids can pick songs and we all join in the fun! We acknowledge the importance of outdoor play and try to  spend as much time as possible outside. We do offer extra murals if interested.

Life Skills

We encourage children to express their emotions in a healthy way and teach them about: conflict management, patience, handling disappointment, being respectful to other children and adults, being considerate and kind. 


Practical life skills that we foster includes independence by teaching them how to set a table, tie their shoes and basic hygiene.  


We make mathematics fun and create an environment where they learn in a logical, conceptual way that they can use in everyday life! This includes practical mathematical experiences that the children can touch, feel and see. 

We make mathematics a part of our daily routine in various environments.

Outside Play

Have you seen our beautiful green trees in our outdoor area? We encourage and love outdoor play as there is always something to find in our beautiful garden!

Playing outside gives us the opportunity to put into practice the life skills we have learned in the classroom. 

Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified



Lion Group Teacher and Kindergarten Principal

I love working with children and the most important thing for me is that the children feel comfortable. Children who feel safe are so much more receptive to learning new things. 



Elephant  and Bear Group Teacher

I love working with Vanessa and enjoy shaping little minds through creative and logical ways! The way each child learns new and different things is truly inspiring!



Elephant and Bear group Assistant

I encourage independence and love seeing the children thrive in a fun and colourful environment. I have been here for numerous years and enjoy when our kindergarten kids come and visit us!



Bee Group Teacher

I lead the Bee Group and I speak German, English and French fluently! I have a big passion for children and love providing a safe and caring environment for your children.



Bee Group Assistant

I love assisting Anaïs with our little 'Bees' and enjoy seeing them grow. I am always there for anyone who needs a cuddle and enjoy being the unofficial nurse when anyone has a tumble.


Opa Rix


I love making sure that the kids are safe when they get dropped off at school every day! The kids love calling me 'Opa'.


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Opening Hours

Kindergarten Hours
Monday – Friday
7:30am – 14:00pm


Aftercare Hours

Monday – Friday

14:00pm – 17:00pm

Monday – Friday
13:00pm – 15:00pm

Visit Us

33 Middle Street, Bellville


Give Back

 Accepting Donations



We are a Registered Non-Profit Organisation and we try to support our families as well as we can. We appreciate any donations as they go to good use.


 Applications Are Open For Next Year



All of the information with regards to fees and more can be found on our enrolment form. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


We follow the holidays of the German International School Cape Town. Please click on the button below to download the calendar for your ease of reference.

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